Organizer, Fundraiser, Community Builder.

I work at the intersection of technology, political fundraising and grassroots campaigns. My job is to work with state and local candidates and campaigns that need help recruiting candidates, running for office, telling their stories and increasing donations by using the latest technology available.

Over the last two years, I have worked with over 200 small grassroots campaigns and 100 candidates. I want to do this for the Democratic Party as your next vice chair.


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What Democrats Need:

A Community-Driven Agenda: Make the DNC amplify the voices on the ground. Help identify local projects and help state parties tell their stories, engage with national donors, and gain more access to online tools.

An Expanded Donor Base: Develop consistent relationships with new donors by matching them with state-based projects and candidates to build community engagement.

Accessible Online Tools for Organizers: Democrats need an overhaul of the existing online tools so organizers have accessible, updated technology.

About Liz

Born in Atlanta, raised in Johannesburg, bought a one-way ticket to Des Moines in 2007 to work on the Obama campaign. My life is dedicated to building a strong progressive community and promoting the American Dream. I have always believed in fierce activism and organizing and am proud to have learned from my great-aunt Helen Suzman, the first woman member of Parliament to stand up against apartheid and fight for Nelson Mandela's freedom. My first job in politics was as a member of the core organizing team for Obama for America in 2008, and as Ohio Deputy GOTV Director in 2012. In between, I worked in the Obama administration at the White House, Department of Commerce, and at USAID.

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EVENT: DNC Members Meet the New Frontier

Moderated Lunch Panel with Women’s March, Black Lives Matter and Leaders of the Online Resistance that have formed since Trump for DNC Members.

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