About Liz

Born in Atlanta, raised in Johannesburg, bought a one-way ticket to Des Moines in 2007 to work on the Obama campaign. My life is dedicated to building a strong progressive community and promoting the American Dream. I have always believed in fierce activism and organizing and am proud to have learned from my great-aunt Helen Suzman, the first woman member of Parliament to stand up against apartheid and fight for Nelson Mandela's freedom. My first job in politics was as a member of the core organizing team for Obama for America in 2008, and as Ohio Deputy GOTV Director in 2012. In between, I worked in the Obama administration at the White House, Department of Commerce, and at USAID.

About Liz

Later, I worked on Capitol Hill for two years where I built a bipartisan coalition for the most popular infrastructure plan in Congress. In 2014, I ran and won John Delaney’s hard-fought re-election campaign for Maryland’s sixth Congressional district.

After the election, I decided I wanted to help Democrats win local elections and build a bench of promising new leaders. I joined a political crowdfunding start-up, Crowdpac Inc. as the Head of Campaigns to work at the intersection of technology and politics and to encourage more state and local candidates to run for office.

Liz and Obama

Over the last two years I have worked with more than 200 grassroots campaigns and 100 candidates to help them run for office, source new donors, engage new activists, and promote their stories in press and social media. I have helped raise millions of dollars in donations and pledges in the last two years for campaigns and candidates that ordinarily do not receive support. I have cultivated relationships with donors in Silicon Valley by connecting them with projects that speak directly to their interests and desired impact. I want to use these skills and networks to connect donors and activists with the state parties and build a community for online organizing and engagement that is led by the Democratic National Committee. 

To learn more about what I hope to do at the DNC, visit my platform.

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