There is a disconnect between the average Democratic voter, the DNC and the state parties. States are doing incredible work to recruit candidates, run issue campaigns, fight ALEC and other Republican policies being implemented by GOP legislatures. But the average voter has no idea this is happening or how to get involved. We need to connect these voters with specific state projects so they can form a community - to donate, engage, organize or run for office.

Right now, nowhere on does it allow visitors to organize and connect directly with states and other Democratic voters. We have Democrats who are fired up and want to be involved - we just need to build the platform to house those communities and foster innovation, donations and movement. Let’s open the party and let people organize!

Here’s my plan:

A Community-Driven Agenda: Make the DNC amplify the voices on the ground. Help identify local projects and help state parties tell their stories, engage with national donors, and gain more access to online tools.

State parties already have incredible stories, great candidates and important campaigns - but our current party structures online and offline make it difficult to get involved. We need to showcase these campaigns, provide a platform to communicate, and open everything up to the donor pool so voters can become investors in the party.

An Expanded Donor Base: Develop consistent relationships with new donors by matching them with state-based projects and candidates to build community engagement.

Donors want to invest in projects and specific candidates, where they can see the impact of their donation and how it helps. They do not want to randomly donate to the DNC and they definitely do not want another email saying “the sky is falling give $5”.

Accessible Online Tools for Organizers: Democrats need an overhaul of the existing online tools so organizers have accessible, updated technology.

Let’s open up the Democratic party by upgrading to be an online community based engagement platform, where voters and potential donors can see all the key projects the states are working on and get involved. Let’s also give the online tools we use a much-needed upgrade that’s useful to our activists. We should always be leading in innovation.

Right now, there are groups gathering across the country online, on Slack on Medium, on Twitter on Facebook - these groups are forming PACs and volunteer operations to target companies and donor pools. They need to be matched with the state parties and their projects - or at least be aware of what one another are working on.

Let’s do this now. If the DNC does not move into the 21st Century with consistent updates to our tech platform, we will be left behind and we can’t afford that. We will lose the ability to connect our activists with our parties, for donors to feel connected to the work they’re funding, to recognize that Americans’ relationship with their institutions is changing. They demand more accountability and connectivity, and the DNC must respond to that.

As your next Vice Chair, I will work every day to make the DNC house this innovation and remind everyone that we are Democrats, we stand together, and we fix our structural problems so we are prepared to win the fights ahead of us.